Here are some of the observation results using NanoSuit technology.

Gallery III(Example using Type III)

●Lymphatic endothelial cells

Lymphatic endothelial cells

Lymphatic endothelial cells from mice were observed alive using NanoSuit solution Type-III. Nuclei (*) are found in cells. In addition, when strongly enlarged, filament-like fine structures (red arrows) are observed in the intercellular spaces.



●Filaments of cancer cells; melanoma

Filaments of cancer cells;

When the conventional chemical fixation method is used, the filament extending from the cell dries and loses its shape, but when observed by the NanoSuit method, the filament length is observed as it is.

“NanoSuit” enables us to observe the natural texture of microstructure of living cells.NanoSuit is useful for understanding the structure of “tumor-niche”.

●Surface of the stomach