NanoSuit is a technology that applies a biocompatible polymer solution on the surface of a living organism, its tissues or its cells to form a micro-thin film that suppresses dehydration of the specimen. As a result of retaining hydration, the specimen maintains its original shape and structure under vacuum within an electron microscope.

●Effect of NanoSuit on moisture retention during electron microscope observation

Above are the electron micrographs of mosquito larvae.

  Without any treatment, the larva dehydrates and collapses under vacuum. The bottom micrographs show that its shape and structure is maintained with the use of the NanoSuit method. On the bottom right micrograph, you can see a NanoSuit film has formed on the surface.

Above are the electron micrographs of a pansy petal.

The specimen is dried out with conventional methods (lower left). On the other hand, the NanoSuit method (lower right) maintains the original spiky structure.
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